Italy to the Finals – Euro 2012 | Forza Italia

Euro 2012 – Italy sunk Germany in tonight’s semi-final match with a 2-1 victory.

Azzuri per sempre! Forza Italia!

I missed the match again tonight had to work. I did enjoy the game from the cheers and chants from a nearby big screen.

It’s your cup Italy! Forza!!

Read my post: Top 7 Shirtless Italian Soccer Players. (It just so happens to be my most popular post … ever!)

I really love soccer, sigh…

Did you watch? Tell me about super Balotelli below.

10 thoughts on “Italy to the Finals – Euro 2012 | Forza Italia

  1. So I am rooting for Italy? I know nothing about this sport other than your post of men with no shirts on!!!!

  2. Italy were excellent. Pirlo superb again – De Rossi solid – the defence was outstanding and in attack would occassionally slice straight throw the German defence that if it hadn’t been for some poor finishing and slippy pitch they could have had a couple more. Balotelli’s goals were clinical and spectacular. He also worked hard closing down from the front. If he can control his young impetuous temper he’s going to be something else !
    Can’t wait for Sunday. It’s going to be an awesome game. Forza Italia !!

  3. Mario tonight played the perfect match, he did not miss a single ball.
    The first goal went from a wonderful cross from the right by Cassano, Mario scored with an amazing header and joyful as little kid was cheered by the team.

    The second goal was a lonely run toward the edge of the German box, as soon as the defender was on him he shot a cannonball under the bar… he was so upset by the racist insults that he not celebrate his goal… he took off his shirt showing that he’s black. Posing as a statues sending deathly stares to the supporters.

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