Forza Italia | Euro Cup 2012


I missed the game due to work, but managed to catch the last second of action bringing Italy into the semifinals. What joy!

It’s your Cup Italy. Let the chanting begin!

Forza Italia!

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Did you watch the game?

12 thoughts on “Forza Italia | Euro Cup 2012

  1. I was in San Francisco’s Italian neighborhood, North Beach, last Sunday during the final game! I have never seen so many soccer fans concentrated in one area! It was a sea of blue! Too bad they lost to Spain, but it was great to see all the fans all over the world for the Italian team!

  2. Okay, self confessed “know a lot about football” type. I saw the game. England provided little or nothing to the spectacle that football can be. They have recently turned into a team focused purely on defence with the option of counter attack from the break. This, of course, is the new trend in football as teams try to counter those others who want to play like Barcelona, and thus be enjoyable to watch.
    Italy were creative, aggressive when necessary, won individual “battles” on the pitch, and, with Pirlo being his masterful self and literally running the whole game, he was a joy to watch.They dominated entirely. An England triumph would have been one of the biggest travesties of football.
    In truth, Italy should have won 3 or 4 – nil if their finishing had been on form in front of goal. Then we wouldn’t have the nonsense here of the “England Penalty Curse” .
    And finally, I throw in that since the 80’s I’ve been a keen Italy fan. Forza Italia, Forza Azzuri.
    However, I think it’s Spain’s tournament this time.

    • Thank you for your great opinion and run down of last nights game!!

      I’ve read a few articles to confirm what you’ve said on how Italy played last night. It’s always a joy to watch a good player play a good game. Pirlo is one to watch, he has such grace and finesse on the field.

      I’ve also been a supporter of the Azzuri and have watched them play in World Cups, Euro Cups for many, many years.

      I look forward to Thursdays match, but again I will be working and won’t be able to watch it! 😦

  3. Yes! 😦
    I’m normally not the least bit interested in football other than the Euro and World cups. Now England are out I guess I’ll be cheering on Italy (my boyfriends half Italian). I’ll see if I can summon some enthusiasm and not be a sore loser. Can’t quiet bring myself to click the like button though just yet. 😉

    • LOL Kathyrn. I’ve just read all I can about the game and it looks like Italy played a hard and decent one. They deserved to win last night. 🙂 Too bad for England.

      • I read about it on the net. Do you disagree? Did England play better? I can’t comment as I only saw the last second of the game, but I’ve heard that Italy played a good hard game. What do you think?

      • To be honest I don’t really know much about football and I didn’t see all of it but Italy were very unlikely on a number of occasions. As much as I would have loved to have seen England go through, I think Italy deserved to win.

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