Sardinian Summer Dreaming | A Photo Gallery

Sardinian Summer Dreaming

What are your 2012 summer plans?

24 thoughts on “Sardinian Summer Dreaming | A Photo Gallery

  1. I am heading back to Canada for the summer. I will be looking forward to my Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet! Best of all to see friends and family and catch up. My nephews will have grown so much. Last summer we spent a lot of time with them in their pool which was great fun. My husband has just left to go back early, so summer can’t get here fast enough… 7-8 weeks apart will be hard when I am here all alone. If he can swing time off work we may head to Cuba our favourite place in the Carribean for a week. I was thinking about taking a course, but that would fill 8 hours a day (not to mention homework) for 5 of my 6 weeks off. What was I thinking?

  2. You and your summer! 😆 Here is me in my winter dressing gown, having a hto coffee, trying to resist the temptation to turn on the central heating!

      • In this moment, (Gergei, Sardegna) Efisio is clipping the lemons and orange, apple, etc after this terrible winter. Just hoping they will all come back with a vengeance. Really strange weather, a beach day (or a pool day) here if i were not being beseiged with workers, who never commit to a particular hour. And if they did, well, they might just not stick to it-after all arent appointments just suggestions? : )

  3. Looks amazing! I just found out that one of my good friends is going to visit in a months time. So we’ll probably take a short break somewhere. I was looking at flights to Sardinia and they look decent so you never know. May be in your neck of the woods, and if so I want tips!! Besides that a few day trips around the UK and then back to Toronto in August for my older brother’s wedding. Jealous of the sun you are getting. It has been a historically wet April so I am hoping for brighter days.

  4. Leaving for a 25 day trip to Ireland (Dublin and SW), Copenhagen, Helsinki and London as a trailing spouse. (I’ll be blogging about it at No sunny beaches until we return. Then, for the rest of the summer, we’ll do long weekends at the New Jersey shore in Brigantine. Your photos and blog have earned Sardinia a place on my bucket list.

  5. WOW! The coast is amazing and I loved how you captured. And the second one is so lovely, you are too. Thank you dear Jennifer, have a nice day and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY, with my love, nia

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