Top 10 Adventures in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia blessed with rugged coastlines, pristine sandy beaches and deeply rooted traditions. It is also a haven for adventure seekers.

If you are planning a trip to Sardinia and are not the lounge-lizard beach type, then these 10 diverse adventures will surely quench your thirst.

Top 10 Adventures in Sardinia, Italy

10. Birdwatching. A slow-moving 6km boat excursion on Sardinia’s third largest river Coghinas will bring you face to face with some spectacular birds: Grey and Purple Heron, Greater Flamingo, Turtle Dove, Kingfisher, Oystercatcher, Black-winged Stilt and many more.
9. Horseback Riding. Horses are an integral part of Sardinian life. They are used for work, play and consumption. It’s a fantastic way to see the rugged and often inaccessible areas of this fabulous island. Be part of the traditions that Sardinia has held close to her heart for centuries. Gallop along breathtaking landscapes and discover the wild horses still roaming free.
8. Nuraghe Tour. Here you can visit ancient tombs and nuraghe that developed during the Bronze Age. These tombs and nuraghe are a true testament to the strength of the Sardinian people. No visit to Sardinia would be complete without visiting one of these archaeological sites.
7. Boat Excursions. There are countless companies that cater to these excursions. The options are endless: full day, half days, fully catered excursions, sailing, Yacht charters, and more. Make your dreams come true and sail away in Sardinia.
6. Scuba Diving. Most of the diving centers are located in the North of the Island. Enjoy your holiday beneath the Sardinian sea and discover the bio-diversity living in the warm Mediterranean waters.
5. Kite Surfing. Take lessons from certified professionals to learn this thrilling adventure sport. There are several schools to choose from offering beginner and advanced lessons. Develop your kite boarding skills along Sardinia’s coastlines in private or group lessons.
4. Trekking. Are you a wanderer that likes to spend hours, maybe days trekking the wild mountains passes of your holiday destination? Sardinia is a fantastic starting point for those who love to trek. The geographical nature, climate and territory of Sardinia make it a prime spot for trekkers of all levels. Choose from half day tours to three-day tours.
3. Cycling. Cycle through ancient sites, small traditional towns and enjoy the stunning coastal views that only Sardinia can offer. Fully immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Sardinia with guided and self-guided tours.
2. Sea Kayaking. Discover beautiful bays and beaches as you paddle along Sardinia’s rugged, red coast. This is a sport which enjoyed  year round in Sardinia. From beginner to advanced paddlers, oodles of itineraries and unspoilt rich nature await you.
1. Rock Climbing. Sardinia has been a hotspot for climbers for many years. With its wild and spectacular interior to the rugged peaks on the coast, Sardinia is a climbers paradise. From multi-pitch climbs in Gennargentu, to single pitch climbs in Cala Gonone, Isili and Domusnovas. Sardinia also offers fantastic bouldering opportunities around Nuoro and Cagliari.

Do you like adventure holidays? Or would you prefer to relax beachside?

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Adventures in Sardinia, Italy

  1. YES! Yes, yes, yes! Any list that includes horses is a winner in my book. But really I would want to do it all minus the cycling bit. Really, this is an excellent tourism promo post.

    • Ciao Cassie

      Thanks for tagging my blog, but at the moment I’m slightly overwhelmed with other projects.

      Have a great time windsurfing, and if you make it to Northern Sardinia drop me a line. 🙂

  2. If I’m given a chance to relocate, Sardinia would be in my top list. What an amazing place with beautiful beaches and a surrounding that spells adventure. The top 10 adventures is a must thing to do…for fun, for thrill, for experiencing the joys of life. Thanks.

  3. All these ten sound wondeful to me, especially kite surfing, horseback riding and trekking. But, how many of these adventures have you expirienced Jeniffer? I am just currious, because if I were you, I would try them all 🙂

    • I haven’t tried any of these excursions with a company. But I have toured four different Nuraghi, I have trekked many times through the mountains and along the coastline. I’ve hiked 6km to the beach. I’m just learning about the birds from my new found hiking friend, there are so many beautiful ones here! Water sports … I’m afraid of, but have attended the Frozen Open Contest in La Marinedda. I have taken several private boat excursions around the coast. I’m also afraid of horses.


      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. If you find yourself in Sardinia, pick one of these adventures and we’ll do it … except scuba diving! 🙂

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