Lightening Strike x Four

Am now without a digital washing machine, digital camera, dvd player AND computer. This past friday, during the day, we had a severe surge and or lighting strike.

Back as soon as possible with posts about My Sardinian Life.

Keeping you, my readers, updated.

10 thoughts on “Lightening Strike x Four

  1. That is certainly an unhappy state of affairs! I’ve put most of my digital electronics on surge protectors, but that was only after a small surge gave me a warning that greater things could happen!

  2. Oh dear – happened here once – didn’t notice it until the washing machine did NOT stop filling and flooded through to the toilet where I heard great screams issuing from The Daughter’s mouth…hehe
    It was worth it almost – just to hear The Daughter scream like that !! Oh dear – that sounds so unmotherly and twisted.

  3. GASPage!!! And this just before Christmas???? I am glad to hear that it was just electronics and not you or Mister Hubby that stopped working!!! Hope the electronic gods smile upon you!!!!

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