Silent Sunday | Photo Post

My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda

What’s on your desktop?

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10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday | Photo Post

  1. Looks like a great book to read. On my computer, there’s a printer on the right side, an iPhone playing my favorite song on the left with a cup of brewed coffee to inspire my senses. My wife got me a new computer and for now I can’t really put a lot of mess around it. Bummer!

  2. Your question reminds me of the Capital One Ad campaign that asks, What’s in Your Wallet?
    My computer desktop… has a photo I took at a friends farm this past summer.

  3. I have read the Dark Heart of Italy – very good. Have you read The Italians by Luigi Barzini? it is excellent for explaining why Italians are the way they are.

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