Home Improvements

This post is dedicated to my followers.  Heck, do I even have any followers, let alone people who may have subscribed to my constant dribble? I mean that would be super fantastic if you did.

Pretty Purple Flowers

So what I’m about to ask is pretty easy if you are familiar with blogging.  I  have no bloody clue about blogging but I do know that I like to write and I want to have ALL of your opinions.  Tell me how to improve my blog, how to write better, should I change my theme (however I am impartial to black-ish themes.)  Do I have too much crap blogged down on my blog?  So yeah that’s it … let the critiquing begin … don’t worry I’m up for a challenge.

Thanking you kindly in advance.


4 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. you asked about the watermark on my photos, I found it recently. I downloaded Picasa (free and part of Google) it allows you to touch up your photos and add a watermark. It’s great only I forget most of the time as I’m so rushed for time 🙂
    I think you’re doing great here, have a look at Ed.Blogger forum, there’ll be tons of advice – widget on my sidebar – keep writing and visit other blogs leaving a comment so hopefully they come and visit.

    • Great! Thank you for the information on Picasa. I will be downloading that shortly. And I appreciate your advice on my blog. Ill keep on reading that’s for sure, I’ve found some great blogs there on WordPress. Have a great weekend.

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