My Hood.

So instead of my usual or not so usual ramblings here on WordPress, I’ve decided to show you around my town.  The name is not important but it’s in Sardegna.  The most beautiful place on the planet.  Enjoy the following pics.

Feet planted in Sardegna, but I see Corsicas snow capped mountains.

Mountains roads leading to never-neverland.

Pretty little ole barn.

Cork tree with Crosica in the distance.

The lazy hazy daze in Sardegna.

Open brush season in Sardegna.

And a special shout out to you, grazie mille for mentioning my wee little blog on your blog.

2 thoughts on “My Hood.

  1. Of course I’m dying to know how you ended up in Sardegna and where from?
    We’re coming over in the summer – Torre dei Corsari and already I CANNOT WAIT!!
    Nice finding you 😀

    • You are going to fall in love with Sardegna. Do you speak Italian? You may need some here. SHould you have any questions leading up to your holiday don’t be afraid to ask.

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