Horse Eats

I have eaten the deeps of the Mediterranean and sampled the rich earthy reds grown from my own backyard. The strange sea creatures placed before us at our late, late evening meal are bizarre, stinky and shiny. One dish (locally known as Cannolichi) reminded me of cheese covered rain worms with olive oil and a few herbs. I dared to try it but only a small bite. The crunch and the image in my mind turned my taste buds off and vowed to never eat or see this food again.  One night when browsing the menu I was surprised to find horse sirloin (Cavello)!  Horse, I mean horse.  They … uh…eat….horses here!  OMG!  Internally I flipped my lid and I enquired to my companion and he told me it’s part of their culture, the Sardinians have been eating horse for centuries! M.  pointed out that I eat beef and how the cow is scared in parts of the world but that this is Sardegna and here, it is normal to consume horse.  I looked at the menu and ordered the eggplant parmesan and M. horse…but of course. The Sardinians can keep their few traditions that I have a difficult time getting my morals around … for now.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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