2 thoughts on “Mexico

  1. Also Canadian X-pat (even lived on Drummond Rd Niagara Falls in past life). Oh yeah, on this 1st comment on Mexico…Lived 3 yrs in Yucatan. Everyone warned us of dangers but this state is docile compared to others. Husband says he felt safer there than when we lived on Gulf Coast Florida! Your approach to blogging is unique (quite a feat these days). I’m a newbie in this realm tho’ traveling always been priority. Presently re-grouping in P.E.I. then resume home base search…perhaps Portugal this time. Am curious tho’ how work permits are obtainted on tourist visas? Ruth at traveltoons.com

    • Hi Ruth,

      I also lived I’m Niagara Falls at one point. Oh, and I married Sardinia. So, no work visa needed, also being a Canadian citizen I didn’t need a tourist visa to enter Italy. Happy travels and thanks for stopping by.

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