Hans Brinker Hotel – Amsterdam

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

“Proudly disappointing travelers for forty years”

We just flew in from Copenhagen and didn’t think ahead to reserve a bed in Amsterdam. What a HUGE mistake that was. May, one of the busiest and beautiful times in Amsterdam with flowers blooming and hotels filled with young stoned backpackers.

At Centraal Station in Amsterdam we tried over and over to bag a three bedroom dorm in any one of Amsterdam’s hotels, hostels or b&b’s. Bad luck was with us on this Amsterdam trip, and we vowed to enjoy the moment(s) as they came.

We ended up in this seth pit of a hotel. Kids of ALL ages running wild, their welcome sign should have been a huge warning.

We settled on an eight bed dorm for 28 Euro each. The room was empty, with the exception of a really, very out-of-it, stoned young woman from Japan. Her blue hair was pinned back by life-like flourescent red butterflies. Sitting with mirror in hand and applying more black eyeliner to an already blackened eye, her hands trembled and her eyes vacantly stared into the mirror.

Don’t do drugs, kids!

We made our beds with the thinly, used-way-too much sheets and headed outdoors to the fresh spring air of Amsterdam.

The only decent thing about this eight bed dorm was the en suite, complete with bath. The thought crossed my mind as we paid for a stunning canal cruise tour.

All thoughts of a hot bath with bubbles vanished when we returned to our room several hours later.

Hey guys! What … the … eff … is thaaaaat? Eeeewwww, no … effin … way! What the what?

Human poo on the floor. I mean really, seriously?! Yes, this … happened … to … me.

We called and complained in our polite Canadian ways and were met with disbelief and disgust. Yeah, like no Effin kidding. We asked to change rooms, no we begged to change rooms but that request was denied.

We were ensured that someone would be in soon to clean the mess. And would have to wait until the following day to change rooms.


Did this really happen? Oh, hell yes, yes it did! I was beginning to question my existence as a backpacker and vowed to book in advance and stay in a B&B, with one bed, just one, a double for the rest of my traveling life (which I have done successfully since this poo incident five years ago.)

We ended up sleeping the night in this stink. There was nowhere else to go. No other hostels, hotels or B&B’s in our price range that we could get a room in. We had no choice but to sleep in that room! To sleep in the poo-stinky eight bed dorm!

Bundled up with scarfs tied tightly around faces, we found our way on the age-old mattress and tried to sleep. The impossibility of it all became clear when teenagers started nickynickyninedoors down the hall … for hours.

We changed rooms the following night to a triple for 33 Euro each. Still loud but no poo. We were not offered compensation, or an apology, nothing.

2SIPTIPS gives the Hans Brinker Hotel in Amsterdam: 0/5. Gross. Just gross.

Has something like this happened to you? Tell me your hotel/hostel horror stories.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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