U Dominikana – Prague

U Dominikána
Czech Republic – Prague

U Dominikána

I turned the street corner and found this gem nestled between two tiny streets, art museums, local crafts, tattoo parlours, and pottery.

The colourful chairs called my name and I found my seat in the back right.

I ordered a dark draft and french onion soup. I like simple fare when on the road.

The French Onion Soup was not in the traditional sense. There was no bubbling cheese stuck to the side of the bowl. Instead the square dish was spotless and I found the white gooey cheese at the bottom of the bowl beneath the carpet of white onions. It was great!!

2SipTips gives U Dominikána a rating of: 5/5.

This place was truly stellar. I only has the up-side down French Onion soup, but it was top-notch.

U Dominikána is a restaurant in the popular Savic Hotel. Its worth stopping in for a bit to eat, they have soup, and it’s good for the weary traveler.

Upside down French Onion Soup

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