New Season – Amsterdam

Chinese & Malaysian Restaurant
Amsterdam, Warmoestraat

It was the end of my one month jaunt touring Europe and I had twenty-four hours to kill in my favourite European city – Amsterdam.

Tired of eating food from a lighted glass case, full of heavy carbs and fast food, I went in search for some comfort food.

I peek into a small restaurant on Warmoestraat and notice a couple in their 40’s with perfect window seats to watch the world go by, two beautifully flamboyant men sipping cocktails and group of teens decided out and tech-ed out in the newest fashion.

The waiter greeted me with a huge smile and took me to my two person table.

New Season is a very simple and delicious restaurant, it’s clean, comforting and the food freshly outstanding!

My order: chicken noodle vegetable stir fry and wonton soup. Simple, warm and comforting.

2SipTips gives New Season in Amsterdam: 5/5. Fantastic.

*The photo was taken well after the couple in their 40’s left. I hung around and chatted with the wait staff.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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