B&B – Meow

For all of us that can’t get enough cuteness or kitties.  These two beauties are Buddha and Bosley.  They don’t live with me in Sardegna, they are my Canadian cats.  Buddha is holing up with my brother in Niagara Falls and little baby Bosley passed away five years ago.  Instead of just a post dedicated to these two, I’ve instead given them the page that they so deserve.  They brought me much happiness in the years they were in my care and I truly miss their sweet kitty souls.

Without further ado.












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  1. I have a marmalade tabby! – he has saved me from madness. I love him more than any cat I/we have ever had. I share your grief at losing one, Jennifer, I promise …
    Listen … I would LOVE you to write me a guest blog: what d’you think? If the idea is of any interest to you at all, you could drop me a line: andthenlikemydreamsatgmaildotcom, yes? Please?

    • They are beautiful the marmalade kitties and I do miss my Buddha. I’m not sure what I would write about, I’m really not that good at guest posting. Thank you kindly for the consideration, I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I must have stumbled onto your blog sometime in the past, because I remember your cats ! You can tell I must like your writing as well, since I keep ending up here 🙂

      • It’s actually just from browsing wordpress blogs (which regularly robs me of a couple of hours). I think I followed a comment you had left on someone’s page to end up here today.

      • Well, it’s super nice to meet you. I’ve just been ‘Random post-ing’ the heck out of your blog and I like very much. Haven’t made it to your About page yet but my name’s Jennifer. 🙂

  3. We lost our beloved kitty, Meekay, to cancer this year. She was a sweet thing – always gentle. She was 19 when she died and we adopted her from the SPCA when she was 2. I love your picture of Buddha poking his?her? head out of the cardboard box. I have almost exactly the same picture of Meekay.

    • Aw, Meekay is keeping my kitty Keetah company in kitty heaven. It’s never easy and I love looking back at their pics.

      Buddha is a boy and he lives with my brother in Canada! 🙂 We talk on Skype sometimes … meow!

  4. Ahhh… cute cats. Brought a tears to my eyes as I had to just put my cat Holly down 2 weeks ago and it is still a soft spot. She was almost 16 years old. She made the trip to China with us… I was so glad she did as I had an extra 2 years with her. She did well with the trip.
    I have thought about doing a blog for her… but not sure how people would respond to a blog about my loss of a beloved pet.

  5. That’s a place I’ve been too often – having to find responsible humans to take care of my cat because I’ve decamped and gone off to live in another part of the world. Yes, a page is appropriate.

  6. I too had a persian cat…a red tabby the same color as yours. I just had to put him down after 15 great years. It would have been selfish of me to not allow him to pass with some dignity. I miss him dearly and know Buddha misses you too.

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