Reinventing Myself

2020 was the year that I reinvented myself, twice over. It was also the year that I stepped away from blogging, writing and all things social media to focus on myself and my family. It was a somber year, and I’m grateful to have learned many new skills that I will utilize to become a better, kinder and wiser person today, and in the future.

It was extremely hard to step away from this blog that had been my sole focus for the last twelve years and concentrate solely on my schooling, family and me. It was a year of achievements, tears and a new world order that saw many of us locked down for months on end. 

I’ve finally taken my passion of photography and digital art and opened up shop for the world to see, well, almost opened it up for the world to see. It’s ‘Coming Soon,’ albeit very soon.

A place where inspiration & adventure meet. A curious venture that puts my digital art & photography on your favourite everyday items: T-shirts, totes, journals, canvas prints, posters and so much more.

15 thoughts on “Reinventing Myself

  1. Jennifer
    Reinvention can be amazing, and you have done it twice! I am so happy that you , once again found something exciting. Enjoy all you can learn and achieve that makes you happy. You will be missed but I will still keep tabs on how you are doing. Stay safe, have a beautiful year and new opportunity that makes your heart full. I have enjoyed your blog so many years and look forward to hearing of your next great success in family and life! May God Bless.
    Love & Hugs,
    Your Sard American Friend,
    Rosemarie Manca Kleinberg

      • Jennifer
        You are so very welcome! I will miss you and all of your beautiful photos, recipes, interesting articles and the list goes on, but most of all you will be missed by me and so many others! May God Bless you always.
        Love & hugs,

      • Jennifer
        You just made my heart smile! I am so happy about that news! May God Bless. My daughter picked up the message and thank goodness it was a mistake!

      • Jennifer
        That would be wonderful, when it is finally safe to travel again. Next time we are visiting family in Anela, we can arrange something. It would be my pleasure meeting you in person. Look forward to that in the near future! Have a beautiful day, stay safe and as always, May God Bless.
        Love & hugs,
        Rosemarie Kleinberg

  2. Hello Jennifer
    I have been hear most of the time in Sardinia.
    in June July and August I returned to see the family children and grandchildren in Scotland I still have my home near Inverness.
    It is a good time to reinvent oneself I think most people at your age did,my son in London who is an actor had to do the same and became a garden designer and has a lot of work with his new career when the theatres open he will go back on stage but hopefully do both.
    I did not reinvent myself as living on my own the last twenty years it was just the same for me although I am now fed up with restrictions and miss doing voluntary work and my teaching .
    I got no inspiration from this isolation but felt peaceful and rather lazy ,I am poet but did not write much at sixty six the last year has been a great loss of precious time as I would like to spend time with my children and their children and be free ,c’est la vie ,I look forward to seeing your new business well done .
    God Bless you and yours
    Ps from mid central west Sardinia near the monastery of Saint Peters Sorres Benedictine Congregation.

    • Hi Rosalie, feeling at peace is so important, especially during these crazy times, I’m so happy you were able to find that spot. What a wonderful way your son has reinvented himself, I love playing in the garden. Wishing you a life filled with love, light and laughter. 🙂

  3. Welcome back – good to see you fo8ng well. We all lost a “normal” year due to covid but many have taken the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Not a total loss!! We should be in Sardegna this spring and wanted to take in the SanEfisio celebration in Cagluari this spring – we will be there in 2022 god willing.
    I dropped out of Facebook so would appreciate continued emails.
    Cheers Wes and Nicky

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