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I began blogging because I love to write. I began reading blogs because I love to read, and English reading material on an Italian island is slim to none. I’ve blogged for nine months and four days and I can say that I am addicted. I’m addicted to reading other blogs on travel and adventure and I love writing my blog on the travels and misadventures that I’ve had.

One of the very first blogs I came across on WordPress was a stay at home mom, who is also an avid traveler and writer of three blogs. thirdeyemom has nominated me for The Seven Links Award which was started by the good folks over at Tripbase. Thank you for the nomination thirdeyemom.

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My Seven Links from Jennifer Avventura’s Adventure Files are …

1. The People From Here in my heart is the most beautiful post I’ve written. It was a very special moment for me here in Sardegna.

2. Spring Teaser is my most popular post. With two votes, twenty-eight comments and nine likes. Yeah, Jennifer Avventura is not that popular… yet. I only get about 50 clicks a day and hardly any comments. So 28 comments is the bee’s knee’s.

3. The Chemtrail Hoax is the most controversial post I’ve written. I generally shy away from writing about controversy, but this is something I’ve had on my mind and I had to get it out. I’m an avid sky-watcher and I notice my sky changing. I have questions.

4. The Sardinian Sea Urchin is my most helpful post. I loved writing this post and the adventure I had in making it come together.

5. Dog Hounding is my most successful post, surprisingly. I wrote this poem years ago. I was angrier then. I’m shocked that it’s successful, maybe it’s the darkness people like.

6. 3 Little Birds is the post that didn’t get the attention it deserved. I wrote this poem last year after my sister and her family had come to Sardegna for two weeks. I have three young nieces and this poem reflects my time with them here.

7. Where Wine is Born is the post I’m most proud of. I love wine and I love Sardegna, so I wrote a post about my four favourite Sardinian red wines.

Now it’s my turn to pass the baton to seven lucky bloggers that I just can’t seem to get enough of. In no particular order of importance:

1. lePETITreve is and old skool friend of mine. Eons ago we’d hang out and sling pints of Guinness and get into all kinds of trouble. After too many years of silence the internet brought us together again and I thought well if she can blog, so can I. lePETITreve is a blog where you can find everything. Culinary delights, eco-living, and freaking mighty fine recipes straight from her heart. She blogs about being a mother to two children under the age of three. She is also a super fantastic artist and designer. You can find her creations over on Etsy.

2. Wandering the World is a travel and photography blog. This blogger has been to places I want to visit, but am scared to venture to. The photos are breathtaking and the stories are awe-inspiring.

3. Mind, Motion, Matter is a blog about running. Lynn shares tips, ideas, her achievements in marathon distances and health advice. I click this site when I haven’t the energy to get outdoors for my little 6k. She inspires me, oh and she’s also Canadian.

4. The Onyx Plate is a foodies blog. This blogger has some interesting delicious combinations. Lemons and cucumbers, anyone? I never knew food photos could be so appealing. Whenever I’m looking to spice things up in the kitchen I click The Onyx Plate.

5. The World According to Woman here is a Canadian woman living in China. She is an erotic writer. If you’re looking to add a little steam to your life, I suggest you click her link. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

6. This Little Thing Called Life is a hilarious take on todays societies and cultures. This blogger loves to ruffle the feathers of spammers, something I’d never seen done and it’s amazing.

7. The Book of Terrible is another Canadian blog that kicks but with its sarcastic take on human behaviours in today’s social society.

Lillie’s Bordello | Dublin, Ireland

I had an Irish-born boyfriend once. Who came to Canada to open an Irish pub. I was the bartender and, he was the general manager, we fell in love. He had a friend in Dublin and I loved to travel, so I packed my bags and headed for the little green island. He stayed back in Canada slinging Guinness. I stayed with his friend Vanessa and she lived two blocks from the city center of Dublin. She liked to party, it was nineteen ninety-nine after all, and so did I. She had friends in every bar, nook and cranny along the cobblestoned streets of Dublin. She had a friend who was a bouncer at Dublin’s most prestigious nightclub Lillie’s Bordello. And that my readers is how I got my foot in the door at one of the worlds most exclusive nightclubs. Continue reading

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?. By Colleen Anderson.

Humble, honest and with sense. I love the latest post by Colleen. I’ve struggled with these thoughts the last few days. I couldn’t figure out how to get the words on paper and try to make sense of the situation, as large and disturbing as it is. Thank you Colleen for writing the words I couldn’t find at a time when just well, strange.


Because I Can


Welcome to MY Sardinia

Have you any idea where this lovely island is? She’s right here. Right in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Welcome to MY Sardinia

Welcome to Sardinia

I hope you have the time to explore Sardinia with me, she’s worth the three-minute peek on your lunch break. She’s an amazing beautiful delicious island worth discovering.

Welcome to Sardinia

Contact My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda by clicking this link.

Welcome to Sardinia

A Big Beautiful Sardinian Wedding

Donatella Panu is Sardinia’s rock-steady fighter, accumulating many medals through-out her kickboxing career. In 2009 she placed first in the World Championship of Muay Thai Kickboxing which was held in Austria. Her coach, her trainer, her number one fan is her new husband and we were invited to the wedding. Continue reading

Graffiti Around The World

Padova, Italy

Continue reading

When in Rome … The Colosseum

The Colosseum is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. It’s an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome and remains one of Rome’s top tourist attractions. Construction began in 72AD and was completed around 80AD.

The following image comes from a 1757 engraving by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi. It shows how the Colosseum looked over 250 years ago.

Image via Wikipedia

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July in the Country. Writers Block Picture Post.

July in the Country

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How To Stay Cool When it’s Burning Up Outside

The sun is out in full force and the African winds are sweeping across the mountains making it one hot summer to remember. Yesterday’s high was 43.3 celicus. OUCH!

Umbrella Sun

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Jennifer Avventura featured on The Travelated Daily

A big whopper of a thank-you to Emily Sims over at The Travelated Daily.

My post The Chemtrail Hoax was chosen by Emily Sims as a top headline across Twitter on Monday, July 4th, 2011.

Friendly Blue Skies

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